Artist Statement

"Painting is a study of our existence, spirit, and environment, derived from experiences in life. I choose objects that evoke childhood memories, create situations of atmospheric mystery, and bring visual interest through interaction. I’m intrigued by subtle shifts in value and color; yet seek a personal interpretation of the objects rather than a replication. Personality is revealed through the process of painting. Abstract remnants from my process remain visible in the final product. The hand must obey the spirit. "

October 30, 2007

color combos

these are color combos I am choosing from for a commissioned painting. I tried to find colors that Bobby liked- lavender, blues, turquoise, you catch my drift. color theory 1 Magenta's, earthy peach with warm lavender. color theory 2 Warm blues with a tint of alizeron and gold accents. color theory 3 Sand, Sky blues and deep red. color theory 4 color theory 5
color theory 6 color theory 7 color theory 8 color theory 9 color theory 10
**** This one is my favorite. The poppy orange combo with sand, chartreuse and subdued turquoise