Artist Statement

"Painting is a study of our existence, spirit, and environment, derived from experiences in life. I choose objects that evoke childhood memories, create situations of atmospheric mystery, and bring visual interest through interaction. I’m intrigued by subtle shifts in value and color; yet seek a personal interpretation of the objects rather than a replication. Personality is revealed through the process of painting. Abstract remnants from my process remain visible in the final product. The hand must obey the spirit. "

December 2, 2006

Omniture Painting

This was during the process of painting this landscape. I've never painted anything this large, so it was intimidating at first. However, I soon began to embrace the size and learned different techniques of mark making along the way. Omniture commissioned me to paint a large Landscape to fit a hip, but tranquil setting. They also wanted the painting to compliment their company colors; chartreuse green and grey. "Split"
The inspiration from "Split" comes from driving through Split, Croatia and viewing the beautiful architectural designs of the landscape.